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Maybe she had fallen asleep on the floor-? But no, she pinched herself and the scene around her did not change. Refused to alleviate the terror of that horrid man the state calls your foster father. They simply watched silently as you suffered, amusing themselves on your plaintive cries. She held out her hand in an offer to help her up and Emma only hesitated a few seconds before latching onto it. The demon's hand was warm and sturdy. Regina dropped her head to peer at Emma in keen interest, black eyes boring into Emma's very soul; it was like she could read into her mind, her very wants.

You want revenge on those who have wronged you. And I can give that to you.

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You will never again be powerless with me by your side. Do you want that? Regina didn't have to try hard to seduce the girl- she was merely a poor child that was frightened and angry and hurting. Those types were always the easiest to get to. All you have to do, is sign your soul over to me for a certain amount of time, like a rental, and I'll do anything and everything you want me to. All she knew was that someone had finally listened to her; had promised to stay by her side. Too many people who she had met had left her without a backwards glance.

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You won't ever be able to get rid of me," Regina's smile was positively evil, her words foreshadowing, but Emma was too blinded by the possibilities of a bright future to notice. Regina paid it no mind, still onto business. Her grin was shark toothed, ivory glowing sickly white in the light. Emma did as asked and Regina cupped the girl's small hand between the two of hers.

Then it pricked, and burnt, and smoldered, and she let out cries of pain, biting her bottom lip between teeth to try to hold them in. She had learned young not to cry out loud from pain; it was a weakness, let the bullies know they were doing any damage. Yet this pain was nothing like she had ever felt before. It was like her hand had been stuck between live flames and was being electrocuted at the same time. Her body jerked and she instinctively tried to wretch her arm free but the demon's hold was tight and she only looked on serenely as Emma's eyes leaked big fat tears.

Emma didn't ask the demon to stop it because she'd learned by now that people didn't listen to her when she asked them to stop, and besides, Regina had said a bit of pain was needed. At long last, what seemed like an eternity, the brunette let go and Emma stumbled back a couple of feet away, examining her hand with rapt wonder. On the back of it was an intricate circle with archaic swoops and swirls.

It was a clock of sorts and the minute and hour hand were positioned on the spot where the 12 should be. It shows how many more years you have me in your service. Each year is one hour passed. This tattoo also allows you to summon me to wherever you are. Emma had to say the mark was pretty, all in black ink and glistening with a sort of inner glow. You go bye bye forever? A slamming of a door upstairs made Emma jolt. That meant her foster father had come back from his drinking and was no doubt going to check up on her if she had learned her lesson. Panic flared in her chest.

There was a mess on the floors and she had Regina in the room.

The Monster of Shiversands Cove

He came in a second later, his thin hair mussed up and eyes beady and beard wet where alcohol had fallen. Where did this blood come from? Who is this bitch? Regina only smiled surreptitiously. He waved his limbs around fruitlessly, eyes bulging in shock. Where did he like to hit you the most? Regina hadn't even lifted a finger but she was radiating some sort of power.

Emma could taste it on the air. It tasted like ozone, smelt like fire, and felt like ants crawling over her skin. The spell works, but unexpectedly turns the rest of the family into the monsters they were portraying. Enraged, Emma chases down Baba Yaga while her family splits up to visit various spots around the city. Fay goes to her crush's house, only to be rejected due to her appearance, while Max stalks and scares the school bully. Emma eventually captures Baba Yaga and demands to have her family returned to normal, only to discover the old witch's amulet - the source of her power - has worn out and must be recharged at the London Eye.

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After Baba Yaga escapes, the Wishbone family regroups at home, and they realize they must catch the witch to return to normal. The Wishbones reach the airport, with help from Cheyenne - who is unafraid of the Wishbones' new appearance. Fay manages to get them on the plane after learning she can hypnotize people, which she does with abandon. On board the flight, Emma begins to spiral into the more violent side of vampirism as her bloodlust kicks in, and she attempts to bite one of her fellow passengers.

A timely intervention from Dracula halts this, and he absconds with the confused and blood-hungry Emma aboard his personal jet, leaving her family on the passenger plane.

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As her family wonders where she is, Dracula tries to talk Emma into running away with him. She initially considers, due to not being happy with the issues with her family, but when she refuses, Dracula unceremoniously tosses her from his jet.

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As Emma regroups with her family by the London Eye, Dracula gets upset and tells his hunchback servant, Renfield, to prepare his snowflake machine to destroy the world in retaliation. Meanwhile, Baba Yaga gets her amulet charged, and when Emma confronts her and tries to take the amulet, Baba sends the family to Egypt. Cheyenne tries to help, but she ends up befriending and helping Baba Yaga. She tells Cheyenne about Dracula's plan to turn Emma into a monster.

Baba Yaga also tells her about how he imprisoned her, and said he would free her if she did what he asked, and that the only way for them to return to normal was to be happy as themselves despite their appearance.

Emma and the family hallucinates an Oasis while in the deserts of Egypt, but soon snap out of it and realise that they have been unknowingly walking in a circle. Meanwhile, in Egypt, Max and Fay get angry at Emma, and go off on their own in separate directions. Emma then gets angry at her husband and pushes him away.

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  6. Dracula had been watching her, and seeing this, goes to get her as she wanders around until the bloodlust finally takes over. She attacks a couple of tourists, but Dracula narrowly saves them and takes her away to his castle. Meanwhile, Frank comes across a stranded Jeep filled with models, and Fay meets Imhotep. Imhotep tells Fay she's pretty and shows her how to use her powers to became a sandstorm. Max gets mistaken for a piece of food by a camel and he chases it to a desert hotel with glass pyramids, where Frank also happens to be.

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    Dracula seeks to romance Emma in his castle. They dance, and though she refuses his advances at first, she eventually agrees to stay. After being shown to her beautiful new room, Emma realizes she misses her family. Cheyenne and Baba Yaga then suddenly appear and explain the truth about what Dracula had done to Baba Yaga. Frank, Fay, and Max separately come to realize that their newfound luck doesn't compare to when they are together as a family. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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